About : Bio Of Kunal Verma


      He is a lyricist by ambition and a graphic designer by profession. He is the one of the founder's of songster music and has good command on hindi, Urdu & Punjabi, he has written many songs & gazhals & poems. Some of his works are already very popular. Like "ye usi ka khat hai", "jinki jabaan pe kaash hai" and many many more.

He has also been published in many magazines & blogs. His writing is well thought out and appeals to the anguish of the emotions in many hearts. The songs are easy to relate to with a very modern outlook on a firm classical base.


kunal verma started writing as college student. Young and vibrant as he was, he had just started to experience the various facets of life. He was born to a middle class rajasthani family in d . at a very young age he had to overcome many obstacles which were beyond his years.

Through these all things his loneliness started to work on him. His creativity, which stemmed from his natural talent, manifested itself in his words. He interpreted his situations and the complex feeling and emotions behind them and moulded it into lyrics. But it was many years later that he found some good mentors and supporters who encouraged him to put some serious thought on his writing to get it published. He has registered more than 500 songs n gazhals. Today, he is writing lyrics for many upcoming albums including his own!!


No single person can be accounted for his inspiration. There is a large number of supportive people around him.
But one thing was always cheering n making him stand distinct in the crowd. That is his madness.

Kunal Verma


He went Mumbai in 2010 & registered his name as a writer in "the film writer association mumbai"
He collaborated with rapperiya baalam (well known rapper & music producer), amit sana (runner up of Indian idol 1st), Ravindra Upadhyay (Channel V super Singer) and many artist nationwide.
With their support and talent he made album "maahi ve" with rapperiya baalam
This is the first album from songster which going to be released on oct. 24, 2012 World-wide.
There are many more songs which are in the pipeline He will always keep you surprising with new & very heart touching songs.


"My aim before I die is I never want to die" kunal verma